More foreign companies are still arriving to the region

More foreign companies are still arriving to the region, Invest Pacific

More foreign companies are still arriving to the region

The region is still attracting the arrival of new companies that want to expand their business. The most recent example of this is the Chilean multinational VIRUTEX ILKO, specialized in home products that pre-launched its new plant located in the Free Trade Zone, 2 km away from Caloto, Cauca.

This new investment by VIRUTEX was materialized with the help of Invest Pacific and adds more industrialization in the region. It is estimated that the project will generate approximately 100 jobs in 2018, further increasing the 5.280 job offer that has already been created by the 35 companies installed inside Cauca’s Free Trade Zone.  

This project offers benefits to foreign companies that manage operations from the Free Trade Zones in the country, for example: taxation, customs and foreign trade benefits.

It’s important to highlight that the region’s strategic location allows companies like VIRUTEX ILKO to have two advantages, access to the local market that is close to global supply chains in Buenaventura, and at the same time it opens the opportunity to generate processes in exporting platforms to enter markets in Central, South and North America.

The construction of this work took one year and it was developed by the “Grupo ZFB”, who led the design and construction process of the distribution center through a mechanism known as Built to Suit (Taylor made construction). This facility has 12 docks in its distribution center at a height of 1.20 meters, 2 circulation areas between the CEDI and the production plant to improve logistics. In relation to networks, the project is studying the use of an RCI system with sprinklers, a detection system, structured wiring and air conditioning in the offices, apart from electric and hydrosanitary networks.

Invest Pacific will continue supporting the investment attraction efforts in Valle del Cauca and north of Cauca fostering positive results for the region. Finally it is expected for this new plant to become the core of manufacturing for all VIRUTEX subsidiaries.

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Andrea del Pilar Barrero
Marketing and Communications Director

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