Valle del Cauca’s Business and Investment Guide

Valle del Cauca’s Business and Investment Guide, Invest Pacific

Valle del Cauca’s Business and Investment Guide

Valle del Cauca’s investment guide has been available in our web page since March 1st, the document was jointly developed with Ernst & Young, one of the most important consultancy companies in the world. The guide has information about advantages, the economy and investment sectors in Valle del Cauca, it also shows the process on how to open a business, international investment, company taxation and natural persons. It also holds important information about migration regimes, customs, exchange rates and accounting.

This initiative was first thought of last September after a meeting between both organizations, the dialogue focused on the great time the department was experiencing and how attractive it had become for foreign investment. Back then and for several years there were no investment guides available with practical and accurate information for foreign companies that were interested on settling in the region to use as a roadmap in order to elaborate plans and investment projects in the department.

Quoting the director of EY Colombia, Mr. Edgar Sánchez: “Business diversity is without a doubt one of the main traits of Valle del Cauca. For example, the region has been able to diversify its industry and drive it beyond commodities, it has also generated more and better job opportunities for its inhabitants. This investment guide holds key information about current economic times, business, taxation, migration, labor, company start-ups, and financial reports among other things that any investor needs for his decision making process.”

On the other hand our director, Mr. Alejandro Ossa considers that: “In order to further promote the arrival of foreign companies to the region, Invest Pacific puts this investment guide at the disposal of the business community, elaborated with the support of Ernst & Young showing the interest that both agencies have on attracting foreign investment and development to our Valle del Cauca.”

We would like to invite you to read and enjoy this important document, which without a doubt will be a great consultation tool when looking for accurate and reliable information about Valle del Cauca and the elements to take into account by a foreign company to properly settle in the region.

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