Newsletter 46 – Berrify, the one and only ‘marketplace’ for qualified professionals is now in Colombia

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Newsletter 46 – Berrify, the one and only ‘marketplace’ for qualified professionals is now in Colombia

Berrify came to Colombia to help transform the realm of services with technology. It is a platform that works as the one and only ‘marketplace’ for qualified professionals in the world, it enables the interaction between clients and professionals or service companies, in a safe and reliable manner, by facilitating remote working and several people simultaneously, for hours of service.

The company arrived in Colombia in July 2022 having the support of many partners, Invest Pacific, amongst them. Since then, it has made efforts to learn about the market, establish strategic partnerships and come forward in the country’s main cities.

In fact, according to the company’s data, Colombia is a country that has shown great potential for Berrify, as it features 5,2 Million digital professionals and 20 Million professionals en working age, and is one of the largest growth countries in the region, with Internet transactions of USD 3,12 Billion reported for 2022.

Aiming to expand information about Berrify’s coverage and opportunities for clients and professionals, the company officially introduced its platform on April 27 last; during a launch event in Cali which was attended by the media. The event was joined by Manolo Constain, Investment Manager of Invest Pacific, for the Service sector.

Berrify's genesis

In 2020, amidst the pandemic, two young Puerto Rican entrepreneurs noticed that, despite the world’s evolution in terms of virtual working, very few companies were actually ready for that change, so, they felt this needed “a betterment in how to do” for it to be profitable for both the businesspeople and the employees.

That’s how Brian Diaz and Gabriel Gomez gave life to this idea and came up with the best way to do it, by incorporating the most important tools used for work and for virtual businesses, while making sure that those offering their services and knowledge would be 100% verified by the platform for better results. It is from that word: VERIFIED, that the platform’s name and concept came to be, to take the form of: Berrify.

How does it work?

For a professional or service companies to be able to offer their knowledge through Berrify, they must apply, filling out all their information in the platform and fully describe their experience and knowledge. Berrify will process the application and the service provider profile will be activated once the verification process is fully approved and completed. That’s how Berrify’s clients know that the person they are hiring will deliver a high-quality performance, and at that point, payment is made automatically to the company or person that submitted it.

Being a marketplace, Berrify maybe mistaken with a job search site, with professionals submitting information about their profiles, but the big difference is that with Berrify you are not after indefinite term staffing, but rather generating hourly paid employment or by days outside their main jobs, as an additional income source.

Berrify's advantages

According to the company’s information, if, for instance, a businessman in Puerto Rico or any part of the world, is looking for a lawyer or a graphic designer, they may reach them through Berrify and define a work plan with the given deliverables.

The platform does not generate a contract relationship but rather works according to said deliverables. For professionals and service companies, Berrify is a platform that expands their offer to other countries, thus reaching out clients they couldn’t easily access before. Another great advantage of this initiative is that, regardless of the age or level of experience, anybody could offer their services through Berrify, since all levels of knowledge may be of value for clients who are willing to pay for it.

For the work to be 100% transparent for both parties, Berrify’s platform features its own chat and video conference system, that way both client and service provider may communicate during the established term and according to the job, the party performing the task may deliver results using the very platform for that purpose, and by doing so, receive the payment for it.

That’s how Berrify aims to become a champion of Colombian economy, so that more than 29,000 professionals may reach domestic and international markets, thus generating income from wherever location they wish, and continue with their activities as usual.