Cali, Leading Destination in the International Rankings

Cali, Leading Destination in the International Rankings, Invest Pacific

Cali, Leading Destination in the International Rankings

Cali started the year as a main player in an international level, regarded as one of the most attractive destinations for those who want to settle in the city either to move in or to start a business, thanks to its excellent economic, social and cultural environment.  

Kathleen Peddicord, a writer for the company Live and Invest Overseas with experience in more than 70 countries was the person in charge to report on Forbes Magazine why Santiago de Cali is regarded as the second best city in the world for people to enjoy good living with a low budget.   

The piece on Forbes titled: “Quit your job and move abroad: The cheapest places to live in 2018”, describes how a couple can live in Cali with US$987 dollars (*COP$2.741.666 Million pesos) a month, including a good located rental. Other features the publications stress out as reasons why the city is ideal are due to its vast green spaces, lovely weather, refreshing areas and people’s friendliness. 

Valle del Cauca’s capital is not only cost-effective to people, but also for businesspeople looking for beneficial prices to invest and make their companies grow. According to a survey carried out by the consulting firm KPMG in 2017, Cali is the second most profitable city in Latin America in terms of Office space rentals by M2. Furthermore, it relies on a qualified workforce available and talented at very competitive costs.   

Such elements confirm that Cali is a very attractive city to live, visit and invest into. To recognize the value this city has in terms of sustainability, urban development, and corporate and cultural diversity, are aspects that promote competitiveness and pull a region’s development. People in Cali have the responsibility to keep on working for it to continue with its good performance and positioning on the best rankings of the world.

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Andrea del Pilar Barrero
Marketing and Communications Director

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