2018: A fruitful year for the arrival of foreign companies

2018: A fruitful year for the arrival  of foreign companies, Invest Pacific

2018: A fruitful year for the arrival of foreign companies

2018 started with great opportunities for Valle del Cauca thanks to the fact that it is still proving to be an attractive department for foreign investment, given its vigorous business network and diversity in prosperous sectors such as agro-industry, logistics and renewable energies among others, which is attractive for international business people.

It is important to mention that in 2017 Valle del Cauca stood out for having solid public finances contributing with a 9.7% to Colombia’s GDP, reporting an increase of 21.7% in new constructions, and play an important role in the growth of exports in the Country, which increased a 6.7% according to DANE. Likewise, Banco de la Republica, on its Public Finances Statement indicated that the livestock sector also contributed to the Department’s good performance.

The good moment is confirmed with the arrival of 80 new foreign investment projects to Valle del Cauca in the last six years, which brought US$791 million dollars and 8.000 jobs; In 2017, 19 companies arrived with amounts above US$200 million dollars, providing about 2.000 jobs in the region, as explained by Alejandro Ossa, our Executive Director.

Some of these companies were Sitel which promises the opening of 4.000 jobs and Cargill, the multinational that bought Pollos El Bucanero, a company with a 10% share in the poultry market and a high growth potential. Also during that year Frigorífico Metropolitano, Dynatech a chemical production plant, Viveros Agrogenesis, and Dollar City, among others.

All that added to the reasons why Valle del Cauca happens to be the place for commercial and industrial development: geo-strategic location, infrastructure and connectivity, competitive costs, business network, human resource, and quality of life, keep this Department a continuous investment venture for 2018.

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