Hass Avocado Entrepreneurs will be connected with Valle del Cauca’s Agroindustrial Potential

Hass Avocado Entrepreneurs will be connected with Valle del Cauca’s Agroindustrial Potential, Invest Pacific

Hass Avocado Entrepreneurs will be connected with Valle del Cauca’s Agroindustrial Potential

Near 20 entrepreneurs and both foreign and national entities will visit the Buenaventura port and the Hass Avocado Chain potential for the region.

This tour hosted by Invest Pacific and sponsored by ProColombia will be held Friday, September  27th and Saturday, September 28th . 

During two days, a delegation of more than 20 entrepreneurs and entities, from Japan, Korea, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Spain and Colombia, will be visiting Valle el Cauca, in a Tour organized by Invest Pacific, sponsored by ProColombia in alliance with Valle del Cauca’s Governor’s Office, the Regional Competitiveness Commission, The Chamber of Commerce in Buenaventura and Buenaventura’s Port society, among other entities, that will connect with all the Territory’s Agroindustry potential and the competitive advantages that Buenaventura’s Town offers.

As part of the day’s agenda, the guests will be visiting a big extension farm located in the Municipality of Trujillo, in the Northwest of Valle del Cauca, with wide hectares for the Hass Avocado crop. They will also have a business lunch with some institutions and trade unions from the region, to talk about the investments and programs that the Agroindustry development in Valle del Cauca has been promoting.

They will also visit Pacific Fruits Packing House, a company in Valle del Cauca dedicated to the production, commercialization and export of Hass Avocado and Tahiti Lemon, which is reaching markets such as Argentina, Peru, USA and Europe – where 95% of the production is being exported-.

The second day of the tour will take place at Buenaventura’s port, where they will go around the bay to observe the three main Port Terminals: Buenaventura’s Port Society, Buenaventura’s Container Terminal: TCBUEN (European investment) and Aguadulce’s Terminal (Asian Investment). There will also be a visit to Buenaventura’s Port Society, one of the main and biggest in Colombia, which consists of more than 14 quays and with a specialized infrastructure in the handling of containers, solid bulk, liquid bulk and multipurpose.

“During these days, potential investors and actors that influence the investment will be able to know the reasons that make Valle del Cauca a Region, leader in the Agroindustry of its country. They will be able to connect with the benefits of the infrastructure and the connectivity that our department offers, thanks to Buenaventura’s port, and will be able to be in contact with entities and trade unions willing to offer custom-made information and give their support for their investment plans.” Informed Alejandro Ossa Cardenas, Executive Director for Invest Pacific.

Besides, they will have the opportunity to know successful cases from other foreign companies of the agroindustry that are growing in the region an expanding their agricultural production, as well as exploring the land conditions and variety of microclimates, that guarantee that Valle del Cauca is a suitable region for the agricultural production for most of the year.

This tour around Valle del Cauca is held at the end of the Avocado World Congress, event that gathers all the Avocado’s chain at a global level and that, for the first time, is being held in Colombia. An ideal opportunity to continue bringing investors closer to the region’s potential.

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Andrea del Pilar Barrero
Marketing and Communications Director
Email: abarrero@investpacific.org


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