An international delegation was connected with Buenaventura’s port

An international delegation was connected with Buenaventura’s port, Invest Pacific

An international delegation was connected with Buenaventura’s port

On the second day of the tour around Valle del Cauca, the leaders got to know the competitive advantages and the logistic infrastructure of Buenaventura’s port.

Last Saturday, September 28th, was the second and last day of the tour ““Connect with Buenaventura’s port and Valle del Cauca’s agroindustrial potential” in which investors and entities from Belgium, Poland, Germany, Spain, Japan, and Colombia had a firsthand experience to the competitive advantages that Buenaventura’s port offers.

The delegation went on a tour around the port, guided by officials from the Port Society and Buenaventura’s Chamber of Commerce, to learn about the processes and the state’s entities’ role in the control of the foreign commercial activities that take place 24/7 in the area. Likewise, they learned the logistics infrastructure of Buenaventura’s Port, as well as its three terminals: Buenaventura’s Port Society, Aguadulce Port, and Buenaventura’s Container Terminal -TCBUEN-.

The visit was closed with a business lunch, hosted by Buenaventura’s Chamber of Commerce, whose objective was to show among the entrepreneurs, interested in the Hass Avocado investment, the daily labor that different entities, such as the Colombian Institute for Agriculture and Livestock (Instituto Colombiano Agropecuario -ICA-), the Antinarcotics Police and the Ministry of Commerce in the export activities.

Humberto Andres Jaramillo, Agent of Economical Affairs for Buenaventura’s Chamber of Commerce, on his behalf, highlighted how important the Port’s location is. “ Buenaventura’s Port has some important advantages, especially the competitive ones, since its geographical location, especially in the Latin-American east coast, has greater access to Pacific Asia’s Markets.

Maria Victoria Vasquez, Manager of Valle del Cauca’s Competitiveness Regional Commission, in her turn, highlighted the five competitive strengths that Valle del Cauca offers, and how from this entity, they have been working alongside members of the public, private and academic sectors.

“We should highlight the privileged geographical location of the Port, which is a key reason in nurturing the connectivity of Valle del Cauca since it allows to serve not only our domestic market but also the international one as well as gaining access to the Pacific Watershed markets. This visit to the Port becomes fundamental so that the entrepreneurs decide that Valle del Cauca is the department in which they want to settle to invest.” Shared the Manager of the Commission during her intervention.

With this event, the tour was finalized. Alejandro Ossa, Executive Director of Invest Pacific, acknowledged the value of this visit, “we want them to know the Hass Avocado firsthand and show them our chain of value. This is how this exercise, which is now ending, was conceived, however, we see that you are leaving with this new knowledge and even more enthusiastic with Valle del Cauca’s agroindustrial potential. Many thanks to the local institutions because without you working by our side this wouldn’t be possible”.

This sectoral tour around Hass Avocado was organized by Invest Pacific, sponsored by ProColombia and in alliance with entities such as Valle del Cauca’s Governor’s Office, The Regional Competitiveness Commission, The Chamber of commerce in Buenaventura and Buenaventura’s Port Society.

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