Unilever Detergent Plant Inauguration

Unilever Detergent Plant Inauguration, Invest Pacific

Unilever Detergent Plant Inauguration

Invest Pacific was on the scene for the new $80-million state-of-the-art Palmira Unilever phosphate-free detergent plant. The new plant has an 80,000-ton capacity to meet the demands of Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Central America.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos was present and highlighted the importance of this type of investment to bolster the nation’s industrialization and economic growth. Also in attendance were Unilever CEO, Paul Polman, President for Unilever Latin America, Miguel Kozuszok, and President for Unilever Middle Americas, Ignacio Hojas.

Hojas opened the event by expressing gratitude to his employees for this achievement, and was followed by Polman and President Santos and a tour of the new plant complex that now houses the company’s previous two food plants. A local ‘vallecaucano’ cuisine lunch was served accompanied by Colombian music played by the group ‘Ensálsate’.

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