Moove It, a company that is betting on software development in Cali

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Moove It, a company that is betting on software development in Cali

Moove It sees the current challenges as an opportunity. That is why it continues with its software development operations and is betting on the human talent in Cali.

Moove It is a software development company that designs, develops and kick starts projects of clients that want to generate an impact through technology. The company is installed in various countries in America, it has offices in the United States and, recently, in December 2019, it settled in Cali as well.

Moove It has almost 15 years of experience in the field and is already operating in Cali, in the Zonamerica campus. The company was founded in 2006 and it has been growing rapidly and consistently, generating alliances with big international brands. This has been the driver to search for more human capital. Therefore, it has settled in Colombia, with the motivation of broadening its professional talent team.

Martín Cabrera, Moove It founder and CTO, says that the main reasons they decided to install offices in Cali were “Cali’s excellent educational level, the warmth of its people and a competitive cost of living, besides having found in Zonamerica a technological hub and a service driver of this kind”.

Martín also recounts that the first months of the company in the country have been very intense with activities related to the legal formation of the company, as well as building relationships with different organizations from el Valle. “We had the chance to get to know some universities, their authorities, students, graduates and even in some of them we offered talks about Moove It and our short/mid-term plans. In all instances we found great return and excellent treatment motivating and accelerating our inclusion in the sector”, he states.

In addition, Moove It is broadening its contacts with various technological organizations and Colombian universities to establish ties and to be consolidated as partners to share knowledge and to make known the vacancies they are offering.

In terms of hiring, Moove It has had great placements, although the search to continue completing the office in Cali has been temporarily affected by the Coronavirus effect globally and regionally. Regarding the objectives in the mid-term for the Cali offices, according to the CTO, for three years they have been having associates working remotely from Colombia, remotely from different cities or currently in person in the Cali office. “During this time we realized that the Colombian professionals have performed greatly, adapting themselves to the American clients and teams distributed in different locations with multiple cultures, languages and problems”, he adds.

In the strategic level, Moove It established Cali as one of the the key centers for its development. “In the mid-term we aim to create an office that has 30 to 50 people. Within these roles we are initially searching for developers or technicians to be part of the teams we have for our clients. Gradually, the idea is to complete with other roles such as: project leaders, sales executives, design specialists, marketing specialists, among others profiles”, the CTO explains.

Invest Pacific, the regional agency of investment promotion in Valle del Cauca, has been supporting Moove It in recruiting the human talent demanded by its operation, through a pilot project with the National Government. “We highlight the presence of companies such as Moove It in our city, because they contribute in strengthening the software development sector, having Cali as one of key centers for the growth of its operation” states the Executive Director of Invest Pacific, Alejandro Ossa Cárdenas.

Watch in this video how Moove It has continued with its operations, betting on the human talent in Cali, in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis:

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