Coordinated Teams: The success in face of the crisis in Sitel Cali

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Coordinated Teams: The success in face of the crisis in Sitel Cali

Sitel Group, a company specialized in customer relations management, with more than 23 years of experience in Colombia and with a presence in more than 20 countries, can say that it has emerged victorious and has kept the operation working 100% in order to continue offering job opportunities to its associates and in general, to the Colombian community; the only difference is that it is now under the working from home mode.

This company that is currently employing 4,700 associates in Colombia, who 1,100 of them are located in Cali, has been working under an operational model in which its associates work in the offices, therefore, the confinement measures represented not only a change, but an opportunity to explore other forms of work, from home, and in two weeks after the quarantine started, Sitel already had more than 60% of its associates working under this new scheme and nowadays, more than 90% of them are working from home.

All of this has meant a great challenge for Sitel and great internal logistics to ensure that each of its associates has the necessary tools in their homes, to be able to operate without any problems and to keep a constant communication with each of their leaders. For the company is extremely important to take care of not only the physical well-being of its members but also the mental well-being, which it also meant the integration of internal communication tools to create effective digital connections that would allow to keep constant communication among all the employees.

This is an example that we can do it, says María Fernanda González, Human Resources Director and the official spokesperson of the company. “We had to guarantee the safety of our associates, as well as the information of our clients. We had to act quickly so neither of them were affected. It was an extremely coordinated job among the teams of the company and today, with pride, we can say that we have succeeded”.

Nowadays, Sitel can say proudly that the structure change towards a new working model has generated growth. Currently in Cali, a highly important city for the company, the customer relations of more than 5 big brands with global presence are being managed, which have trusted the company even with this new working model, that amid this crisis, strengthens its commitment with Colombia and moreover with el Valle, offering more than 180 job vacancies in the next 3 months, including 100% paid training, indefinite-term contract and Performance Bonuses/Commissions options.

Likewise, FLIP(Free Language Improvement Program) is offered, which consists of a 4-week intensive English program, led by passionate people who want to improve the language skills of the future associates in order to offer them a new career. For many families in Cali, working for Sitel represents a positive change opportunity in their lives. María Fernanda adds: “We have been able to capitalize the opportunities in this moment and we have been able to continue our expansion process, with the aim of offering more job opportunities to the Colombian community”.

With this good news, Sitel, which has had the support of Invest Pacific for its operation in Cali, assures that the commitment with Colombia and with el Valle still stands, in order to continue offering job opportunities for the community and by the end of 2020, it expects to reach 7,000 associates at the national level.

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