BION 2018: Valle del Cauca, leader in energy production

BION 2018: Valle del Cauca, leader in energy production, Invest Pacific

BION 2018: Valle del Cauca, leader in energy production

Invest Pacific attended to the 2nd National Bioenergy congress, BI-ON 2018, organized by Cali’s Chamber of Commerce to assess the current situation, future trends and new sustainable energy generation models. This space was used to showcase the new dynamics of actors from the academy and business sectors, in order to positively contribute to the environment.

During the event Valle del Cauca’s leadership became clear in terms of initiatives that allow harnessing biomass, a byproduct of the pig farming and poultry industries used to generate bioelectricity and biogas. As also sugar cane bagasse which produces clean and environmentally friendly energy, all this helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In BION 2018 companies like Celsia, Manuelita and Avícola Santa Rita talked about the challenges companies have for developing Bioenergy, showing actions done in their sectors to contribute to the environment by implementing biodigesters, solar panels and other state of the art technologies.

Another highlight during the congress was the double effect that bioenergy has, it favors resource efficiency and at the same time it helps the community, thanks to the 2.7 million jobs generated by this sector around the globe.

An important issue mentioned during the congress was related to important the research being done by the universities in the region on treatment, storage and transportation of biomass. These studies will provide input to articulate and push forward the environmental sector and increase knowledge and new practices related to this issue.

Finally, this congress offered new challenges and opportunities to Colombia and Valle del Cauca in terms of sustainability which have already yielded positive outcomes. It is expected that these type of meetings with different sectors will continue to improve their current processes so that the department is recognized as a leader in biomass production. This invitation invites all the community to take responsibility for the implementation of practices and actions that promote the use of renewable energies.

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