Technology multinational company Moove It bets on Colombian talent

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Technology multinational company Moove It bets on Colombian talent

The company moves forward with its expansion plans in Latin America and the United States.

It has been almost three years since software solutions design, development and implementation international company Moove It chose Cali (Colombia) to continue its expansion. The company, which recently was certified as a Great Place To Work in Colombia, keeps its focus on the North American market and has clients from several sectors, among them entertainment giant Disney. Both companies worked together on the project that brought the Disney Plus streaming platform to Latin America.

Given its steady growth in Cali and Colombia, Moove It founders Martín Cabrera, Ariel Ludueña and Conrado Viña decided to open a new office in Cali (Ciudad Jardín neighborhood) on Thursday, May 19. Along with other entities of the region’s institutional ecosystem, Invest Pacific joined this event.

The opening of this new office represents professional development opportunities for those who are part of the technology sector in the city, with the possibility of working for renowned clients in the USA in a diverse, warm and creative environment focused mostly on people.

Martín Cabrera, Chief Technology Officer and Board Member of Moove It, states: “these offices seek to serve as a meeting, leisure and creation space, where people can thrive not only in a professional aspect, but also a personal one.”. Natalia Cleves, People Generalist for the company, states: “these spaces for interaction through collaborative work boost the employees’ creativity and motivate them to innovate in different ways”.

A contribution to IT development and employment within Colombia

“We have several programs that seek to bring over professionals from other sectors or who are starting out in technology. This means that having our own office allows us to come up with better training programs so that more and more people join Moove It as a place to work. We want to have a place where we can prepare and promote training for young men and women who want to join our company”, says Cabrera.

Moove It founders are looking to hire professionals from Cali specializing in systems, programming, design, quality, and in general different specialties that may contribute to the company’s growth. Even though the positions currently offered by Moove It are for 100% remote work, with this new location in Cali, the company intends to foster personal relationships between coworkers, as is their corporate culture, through different activities that promote the exchange between team members within the city.

For Ariel Ludueña, Chief Executive Officer and Board Member of Moove It “this new office is a source of pride for the entire team, as it carries the institutional brand and represents Moove It’s overall style and values.”. Martín Cabrera states that: “this office deepens our link with Colombia and our investment there, since having a place of our own was a dream that is now coming true.”.

Future expectations

Moove it future plans are to become a benchmark company in the city and the country, to continue to be an excellent place to work, and that more and more Moovers can seek a career with the company. Besides, they expect to implement programs that create impact for the whole community through training, education, recruitment, and social responsibility, as a contribution to Cali and Colombia.

“We want to grow. We have about 60 people distributed in Colombia and we want to increase that. We want Cali to be the focus of that growth, so that in at least two years we have 400 professionals. To achieve this, it is very important to have a place where we can deploy training programs, where people can meet and learn in an agile way”, concludes Ludueña.

Moove It also plans to open a new office in the United States similar to the one in Cali later this year. By opening this new location, the technology company seeks to continue expanding its capabilities and leveraging services offered to its customers in different locations within the United States.