Valle del Cauca’s strategic location

Last Update: 30/08/2022

Valle del Cauca, located in the southwestern part of Colombia on the Pacific Ocean, is the most cost-efficient region to serve both domestic and international markets. It has the Buenaventura port, the most important on the Colombian Pacific coast, which allows it to import and export to countries across the Americas, Europe and Asia. The Buenaventura port mobilizes 43% of foreign trade, excluding mining and energy goods.

It is an attractive destination to serve the Pacific Alliance and the Andean Community markets (with more than 264 million consumers by 2021 with a GDP per capita of USD $17,572), while offering a key position to access the west coast of the United States, as well as other regions, thus making the most of trade agreements with more than 60 countries.

Ideal strategic location for exporting and importing

Valle del Cauca is also the best location to serve the domestic market in Colombia and the so-called ‘Golden Triangle’, an area that encompasses more than half of the country’s population and that accounts for 75% of the domestic market and 66% of the national population.

Valle del Cauca is located in the same time zone (GMT-5) as countries such as the United States, Canada, Brazil and all of Latin America, which allows it to serve the most important global services and technology markets in a timely and efficient manner.

Strategic location, Invest Pacific
Strategic location, Invest Pacific