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Invest Pacific is a non-profit organization with more than ten years of experience leading the promotion and attraction of foreign direct investment in Valle del Cauca -a department strategically located in the southwest of Colombia- and Cali -its capital-, working in conjunction with mayors’ offices, government, chambers of commerce, free trade zones, companies, universities and other organizations from the regional ecosystem, all of which favors the business climate for different business sectors.

Our Agency provides a quality service, free of charge and under strict confidentiality to all those entrepreneurs and potential investors who are exploring investment opportunities in our city and in our region. To this end, we facilitate the investment process and provide a personalized service tailored to the needs and requirements of each company, in line with their sustainability objectives. Learn more about all the services we provide to investors here.

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Besides promoting the arrival of new companies that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals, Invest Pacific also supports all those companies that are already present in Valle del Cauca, providing support in their expansion and reinvestment plans.

We are an agency that mobilizes the institutional and productive apparatus of the territory and we work in multi-sectoral synergy to promote an environment conducive to business. In this way, we also contribute to internationalization, the diversification of the business fabric and the generation of formal jobs that contribute to social and economic development.

All of our work can be summarized as follows

We make efforts to attract companies with a high foreign trade vocation, both in goods and services, which can be inserted in the supply chains of the region and Colombia. We support companies already established in the region in their growth or reinvestment plans.
We make the differential advantages of the region visible to potential investors, the media, embassies, public and private entities that influence or have a direct relationship with potential investors.
We develop a collaborative work and strategic relationship with key actors in the private, public and academic sectors, working in a coordinated and collaborative manner to ensure that the city-region increasingly has a better business environment, thus positioning the value proposition of the territory to attract investment.
Invest Pacific’s sustainability goes hand in hand with the achievements obtained in terms of donations and inter-administrative agreements, and in generating the appropriate strategies to guarantee the Agency’s durability.
We aim at the continuous improvement of the different processes, which includes those necessary to make the Agency’s work more efficient and effective.
We seek to enhance the skills of Invest Pacific team members so that they can continue to give their best and, at the same time, grow professionally and personally. We also seek to carry out all actions aimed at maintaining the facilities ready for use.

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About Us, Invest Pacific

Alejandro Ossa

Executive Director

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Irene Silva

Assistant to the Director

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Daniella Guzmán

Agribusiness, Renewable Energies and Logistics Sector Investment Manager

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Mauricio Concha

Manufacturing Sector Investment Manager

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Manolo Constain

Services Sector Investment Manager

, Invest Pacific

Camilo Ibarra

Head of Business Intelligence

, Invest Pacific

Andrés Granada

Business Intelligence Analyst

, Invest Pacific

Nicole Di Domenico

Director of Corporate Relations

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Laura Adarve

Corporate Relations Analyst

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Andrea Barrero

Marketing and Communications Director

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Katherin Vega

Marketing and Communications Analyst

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Alvaro López

Digital Content and Advertising Manager

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