Newsletter 29 – Invest Pacific held the first Regional Investors Meeting

Newsletter 29 – Invest Pacific held the first Regional Investors Meeting, Invest Pacific

Newsletter 29 – Invest Pacific held the first Regional Investors Meeting

In order to provide companies established in the region with valuable tools that help improve their labor relations and increase productivity, Invest Pacific held the first Regional Investors Meeting, an event that was attended by more than one hundred businessmen, including foreign, national and local.

On this occasion, four key topics were addressed by the companies Compensation One, Ayerbe Abogados, Socrates and Asserta Comunicación Estratégica: Human management: key points for the correct administration of people; Labor legislation: intermediation, new rulings on labor rights, hiring modalities, compensation and conciliation; Risk management: prevention, mitigation, recovery and normalization of labor relations; and Corporate communications: good practices for the strengthening of healthy labor relations.

The Regional Investors Meeting brought together the founding members, contributors and strategic allies from the public and private sectors, who contribute every day to the promotion of foreign direct investment led by Invest Pacific. In addition, it was sponsored by Banco de Occidente and a trade show in which ProPacífico and Smurfit Kappa, contributors to Invest Pacific, joined. Through these brand activation spaces, relationships are also generated and institutional information of interest is shared with the attendees.

“For the past eight years, world players have seen our region as an ideal ally, with a robust business network that contributes to strengthening their commercial ties with the rest of the world. For this reason, at Invest Pacific, we are very committed to continue promoting these relationship spaces and to propose topics that are of value to each of the foreign investors who choose Cali and Valle del Cauca as a destination to establish their project”, highlights Alejandro Ossa Cardenas, Executive Director of the Agency.

This space had the presence of companies such as: Sitel, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever Foods, Indugral, DHL, Baxter, Colgate-Palmolive, Florius Flowers, DirecTv, Spiwak Hotel, Faranda Hotel, Zonamerica, Grupo Zona Franca Bogotá, Zona Franca Palmaseca, Zona Franca del Pacifico, Zona Franca Parque Sur, among other prominent multinationals and national and local companies.

The businessmen who participated in this space highlighted the conceptual and methodological proposal of the Regional Investors Meeting. “I found this event very interesting because of the networking we had, the topics that were discussed seemed very relevant for business development in the region and the idea of us is to participate more and more in this type of events,” said Amauri Mondini Jr., Supply Chain and Financial Manager of Furukawa Electric.

For his part, Alejandro Duque, Regional Manager of LATAM Airlines, highlighted: “This event, that Invest Pacific does is very positive for the region and the companies of Valle del Cauca, where they give us cross-cutting topics of interest that will allow us to improve our competitiveness. I believe that currently, this type of initiatives makes the companies of Valle del Cauca have improvements in relation to the competitiveness of the country so that we are attractive as a department.”

With this type of meeting, Invest Pacific continues to strengthen its strategy of accompanying companies that have settled in the region. More than 100 investment projects have arrived in the last eight years in Valle del Cauca and Cali, for which they have had the support of Invest Pacific.

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