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Empresas peruanas y chilenas en busca de más negocios en el Valle del Cauca - Companies from Peru and Chile in search of more businesses in Valle del Cauca
30 September 2022

Companies from Peru and Chile in search of more businesses in Valle del Cauca

• During one month, Invest Pacific led four business missions focused on technology, services, agribusiness, and logistics, in three Latin American countries: Chile, Argentina and Peru. New investment opportunities set their focus on this Colombian…
El Valle del Cauca, región apetecida para la agroindustria gracias a su potencial exportador
21 July 2022

Valle del Cauca, with its export potential, stands out as an agribusiness hotspot

• Peruvian, Chilean, U.S, Mexican and Dutch companies have been established in central and northern Valle del Cauca municipalities. A growing number of international agribusiness companies are looking for investment and expansion opportunities in Valle…
Empresas de alimentos de la región Andina, el Caribe y Latinoamérica conocerán en Alimentec el potencial para inversión y expansión que tiene el Valle del Cauca
07 June 2022

Food companies from the Andean, Caribbean and Latin America Regions discover Valle del Cauca’s potential for investment and expansion

10 October 2019

International Delegation highlights the reasons that make Valle del Cauca a powerful region for the investment in Hass Avocado

A delegation comprised of around 20 entrepreneurs and both foreign and national entities were connected for two days with the potential which the region offers for all the Hass Avocado supply chain. This tour was…
01 October 2019

Hass Avocado Entrepreneurs will be connected with Valle del Cauca’s Agroindustrial Potential

Near 20 entrepreneurs and both foreign and national entities will visit the Buenaventura port and the Hass Avocado Chain potential for the region. This tour hosted by Invest Pacific and sponsored by ProColombia will be…
01 October 2019

An international delegation was connected with Buenaventura’s port

On the second day of the tour around Valle del Cauca, the leaders got to know the competitive advantages and the logistic infrastructure of Buenaventura’s port. Last Saturday, September 28th, was the second and last…
28 September 2019

Hass Avocado continues to draw the World’s Player’s interests

On the first day of this journey, the delegation approached the avocado production from its’ plantation, in a farm located in Trujillo, to its’ packaging process for export and distribution, from a Packing House. Near…
28 September 2019

Delegation learned about Hass Avocado’s packing and commercialization process from Valle del Cauca.

In order to bring entrepreneurs and officials from different organizations that are visiting Valle del Cauca with the Hass Avocado chain that the region offers for its production and commercialization, Pacific Fruit’s packing house was…
30 November 2018

Fruits and flowers, Valle del Cauca’s potential captivating foreign investors

The recent arrival of such companies like Green Fruit Avocados, Florius Flowers and Viveros Genesis Colombia, show the region’s agricultural leadership and fruit production potential, making it attractive for the Pacific Alliance markets. Valle del…
02 October 2018

Dutch flower company will create more than one thousand jobs in Valle del Cauca

Valle del Cauca is still an attractive region for the investment of foreign companies that find it as the ideal place to expand their business, thanks to all its given conditions of weather, soils, and…
25 June 2018

LG Electronics settled a new logistics complex in Valle del Cauca

The vicinity with the Buenaventura Port, an excellent road infrastructure, versatility for logistics management and tax benefits, among other of the Region’s competitive advantages, were the reasons to establish the Korean Company LG Electronics’ National…
07 May 2018

APEAM visit generates investment expectations for the region

Valle del Cauca is an ideal zone for avocado production, as confirmed by APEAM delegates (Mexican association of avocado producers, exporters and packagers) that visited the region during the first week of May with the…
02 May 2018

Valle del Cauca and its agricultural potential is in the sight of foreign investors

The solid infrastructure and connectivity offered by Valle del Cauca with Colombia’s main port located on the Pacific Ocean, Buenaventura, will be the key to be showed to 25 members of the APEAM, Mexican Association…
27 April 2018

BION 2018: Valle del Cauca, leader in energy production

Invest Pacific attended to the 2nd National Bioenergy congress, BI-ON 2018, organized by Cali’s Chamber of Commerce to assess the current situation, future trends and new sustainable energy generation models. This space was used to…