European entrepreneurs get connected to Valle del Cauca’s investing potential, Invest Pacific
25 June 2018

A tour through European countries was carried out, aiming to make foreign investment opportunities known to Colombian regions, with the participation of Invest Pacific, and Invest in Bogota, and organized by Procolombia and Santander Bank during the first days of June.

The visit enabled the connection of more than 150 entrepreneurs in Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid and London, which promoted the positioning of the Country as an open destination to ventures with public and private entities, both regional and national, willing to support investment processes. 

“We were able to show the Region’s economic potential in the different scenarios, identifying 16 investment opportunities for Valle del Cauca, which shows the Department’s competitiveness and growth potential” stated Alejandro Ossa, Invest Pacific Executive Director.  

During that time Colombia’s diversity throughout its regions was evidenced, and it was possible to show how each business model has a place in the Country, given the suitable elements to establish its operations.

On this tour’s setting, Invest Pacific was awarded as one of the best Investment promoting agencies, from the hands of Adam Jones-Kelley, Conway’s C.E.O –A Consultancy firm specialized in supporting international expansion projects- For more information

With this European tour new projects are expected to arrive from that continent to the Region, particularly in fields of renewable energy, agro-industry, cosmetics and services, showing that joined efforts can successfully promote the Country’s competitive advantages.

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Andrea del Pilar Barrero
Marketing and Communications Director