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Cali, the capital city of Valle del Cauca is privileged to have the second best breathing air in Colombia, according to the WHO. 

Likewise, Cali enjoys an excellent life quality compared to other Latin America cities, it offers the same life standard to a much lower cost than cities such as Mexico City, Bogotá, Santiago de Chile and Lima among others.

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According to the most recent ranking of “America Economia” The Valle del Lili Foundation and Imbanaco Medical Center, both located in Cali, they’re ranked among the best 12 clinics and hospitals in Latin America, being 3rd and 11th in each rank accordingly.

Cali is known as the “World’s Capital of Salsa” with more than 90 dance academies and where renown salsa dancing groups are from. The city is also known as a Sportive and Cultural city with World class sport scenarios, showrooms, galleries, theaters and museums.   

Furthermore, Cali has 6 social clubs, and 4 golf courses. Currently, the city is undergoing an urban renovation with the construction of shopping malls, hotels, parks, public recreation areas, among others. The Massive Transportation System “MIO” (*by its acronym in Spanish), has more than 100 routes covering 93% of the city with an access ticket worth less than a dollar.  

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