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Valle del Cauca has a cluster of highly developed human talent. The current availability of human power in Valle del Cauca is diverse, efficient and productive. Each year about 33.000 students graduate from higher education institutions, adding to the department's work force, which is a 54% of the population.

Professional training of the human resource is diverse, the region offers 43 Higher Education Institutions, more than 650 undergraduate programs and more than 420 post-graduate; from these curricula there are graduated professionals in Administrative and Economic Sciences (39%), Engineering (28%), Social and Human Sciences (14%), Health Sciences (7%), Agronomy and similar (2%), among others.  This, added to the business network from multiple sectors and the presence of more than 150 multinationals provide the region with specific knowhow human resources with experience in different economic sectors.

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Likewise, Valle del Cauca has bilingual human resources available to work where there is a yearly promotion of more than 3.200 students from both public and private high schools; this is due to the presence of more than 24 bilingual schools that provide training in English, German, and French. Additionally, Higher Education Institutions in the region require from students to pass the available language courses, so that all students will graduate with bilingual skills.

Cali has the “GoCali” program, a unique strategy in Colombia to improve and reinforce English skills for students and teachers in public schools, where bilingual improvement programs are created and implemented. In the 2 years the program has been running it has benefited more than 5,500 people.

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