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Valle del Cauca is a multimodal region in Colombia with a port, freeways and international airport. Buenaventura Port is the most important on the Pacific Ocean, has the largest port area of the country, moves 42% of national container cargo and has direct connection with 360 ports and indirect connection with 920 ports around the globe. In addition it is the closest to the country's capital, and it is the easiest to serve 65% of Colombia's population and all markets in the Pacific basin countries in America. Buenaventura has 5 port terminals, two of which are European and Asian investments. The port allows easy access to the market of the Pacific Rim, 13 countries in America, 17 Asian countries and 19 South Pacific countries. 

The region has level one freeways to access the internal market. Palmira's airport, that serves Cali, is the fourth most important of Colombia, with permanent international connection and over 90 weekly flights to international destinations and more than 40 daily flights to Bogotá (a 35 minutes flight).

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There are six functional Free Trade Zones, representing 77% of total exports of permanent free trade zones in the Country; two of them are located in Palmira, near the International Airport -Palmaseca Free Trade Zone and Pacific Free Trade Zone-; another one in Buenaventura -CELPA Free Trade Zone-; two more at the south border line of the department -Parque Sur Free Trade Zone and Cauca Free Trade Zone- and CLIP, the Industrial Logistics Center of the Pacific (free trade zone and logistics center), located in Yotoco. Furthermore, there is a Free Trade Zone in Cali -Zonamerica specialized in the service sector. The region has more than 40 Industrial Parks and, the largest Industrial complex in the Country located in the Cali – Yumbo area.

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Address: Calle 3 No. 9 - 08 Cali, Colombia

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