This sector provides machinery, durable goods and key supplies to most economic activities, such as automotive and manufacture. It is a critical part of the national productive apparatus due its technological content and added value, and its articulation with several industrial sectors. It is key for the sustainable growth and development of economy and its performance, it doesn’t only define the economic and industrial growth trends, but also its sustainability in the long term, thus being a strategic sector for development.  

Strong advantages also in terms of location and logistics are key for such a sector as metalworking, since about 30% of total sales are done abroad (not excluding appliances, vehicles and auto parts). In terms of the automotive sector, about two thirds of vehicles sold in Colombia are imported (almost a quarter of them coming from Asia), and the remaining third, which are locally assembled, require the entry of CKD’s, supplies and other raw materials coming from abroad. 

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The region offers possible stockholders one of the most cost-efficient multimodal platforms in Latin America. The Port of Buenaventura is responsible for more than 40% of Colombia’s International Trading; an international airport, freeways and free trade zones provide an ideal infrastructure for the establishment of intense International Business operations, with the possibility to export products and import supplies. It also offers qualified human resource with specific knowhow and competitive costs.

Because of these cost–efficient related advantages, there are great opportunities for the establishment of vehicle and auto part assembly plants, machinery production, capital assets, appliances, tools, and other durable goods, distribution centers for finished products and basic metallurgic and steel industries. The region’s growing innovation in chemistry and biotechnology also offers special conditions for the development of specialized R&D centers and certification labs.

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Some of the big companies of the sector in Valle del Cauca
Johnson Controls Hero Xignux Goodyear Furukawa
Fanalca Ortobras Romarco Sidoc Hércules



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