Colombia is located at the northwest corner of the South American continent and is the only South American country with coasts in both Pacific and Atlantic oceans. On the other hand, Valle del Cauca is geostrategically located in the southwest area of the country near the Pacific Ocean, with the most important port of Colombia on the Pacific nearby, which is the main International Business Platform of the Nation (except for mining and energy products), and the closest port for cities such as Bogota, Medellin, Cali and the Coffee growing region.

Valle del Cauca is the only multimodal platform of the Country, it comprises: A port on the Pacific Ocean, 5 regional airports and one International airport with more than 80 international weekly flights. It also has the best road infrastructure of the country, thus enabling the region to be one of the most cost-efficient and strategic for the development of logistic activities. The region also has 6 free trade zones and more than 40 industrial parks.   

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Logistics sector in Valle del Cauca image

More than 150 foreign capital companies and from different sectors have settled their distribution centers and / or production plants in Valle del Cauca aiming to serve, not only the inner market but they’ve also used the department as a hub to export to other countries and /or because they want to import their raw material. Many of these companies have found more cost-efficiency in Valle del Cauca for the distribution of their products in and out of the Country.

Moreover, in logistics, important players of the sector are present in Valle del Cauca, as it is the case of some international port operators: APM Terminals (Maersk group), ICTSI (International Container Terminal Services – Philippines) and PSA (Singapore). Additionally, companies such as DHL, Panalpina, Kühn & Nagel, Manuchar, Ransa, among others, it also has operations in the region to assist the logistic flow of the region and the country.

Logistics sector in Valle del Cauca image

Some companies of the sector
PSA APM Terminals International Container Services, Inc. Ransa
DHL Panalpina Kuehne+Nagel Manuchar

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Ana María Lancheros
Agroindustrial, Renewable Energies and Logistics Sector Investment Manager

Investment sectors

  1. Agroindustry
  2. Renewable Energies
  3. Pharmaceutical
  4. BPO, ITO & KPO
  5. Logistics
  6. Metalworking
  7. Home and Personal Care

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