Colombia has one of the largest pharmaceutical markets of Latin America with a record of more than USD$4,5 Billion. The health sector in Valle del Cauca comprises a network of more than 500 companies, which are part of a strong value chain that includes providers, pharmaceutical companies, specialized packing, among others. The pharmaceutical industry of the region represents 13% of the national production, being the second largest medicine and pharmaceutical producer in Colombia, with 6 of the main 20 pharmaceutical firms.

Valle del Cauca is one of the national leaders in manufacture and export of several products in the sector, and given its logistic advantages, global leaders have settled in this region to serve the inner market and that of Latin America; that is the case of Baxter, Abbott Laboratories, Sanofi, Bristol-Myers Squibb, BSN Medical, etc. Likewise, Cali is the host of the largest pharmaceutical lab in Colombia: Tecnoquimicas and the best Hospital in Colombian and third in Latin America: Fundacion Valle del Lili. 

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Besides highly qualified human resource with specific knowledge in the sector competitive costs, the region offers potential investors one of the most cost-efficient multimodal platforms in Latin America. The Port of Buenaventura is responsible for more than 50% of Colombia’s International Trading; international airports, railways, freeways and free trade zones provide an ideal infrastructure for the establishment of intense International Business operations, with the possibility to export products and import supplies.

These advantages, added to one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the world and a growing demand from the settled companies, allow great opportunities for pharmaceutical product manufacture of high added value, natural products and ingredients, equipment, medical devices and biomedical technology, specialized packing, among others. The region’s growing innovation in chemistry and biotechnology also offers special conditions for the development of specialized R&D centers and certification labs.

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Some of the pharmaceutical sector companies with presence in Valle del Cauca
Baxter Abbott Sanofi Aventis BSN medical Bristol-Myers Squibb
Tecnoquímicas Fundación Valle del Lili Essel Propack Centro Médico Imbanaco JGB

Address: Calle 3 No. 9 - 08 Cali, Colombia
Phone: +57 (2) 893 7882

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Manufacturing Sector Investment Manager 

Investment sectors

  1. Agroindustry
  2. Renewable Energies
  3. Pharmaceutical
  4. BPO, ITO & KPO
  5. Logistics
  6. Metalworking
  7. Home and Personal Care

Landline: +57 (2) 8937882.
Address: Calle 3 No. 9 - 08 Cali, Colombia

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