Given its competitive advantages, Valle del Cauca has positioned itself as one of the main options to welcome R&D centers and companies. Such advantages are complemented with the benefits of the region which promote their development. The region has a highly qualified human resource pool leveraged by 40 Higher Education Institutions that offer more than 400 under-graduate and graduate programs from different areas of knowledge.  Valle University is the national leader in granted Patents of Invention. Among its many accomplishments there’s the development of the first patent in Colombia on a non-surgical treatment against cancer without side effects, and the creation of a patenting device to determine the energetic quality of agricultural soils, among many others.

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Valle del Cauca has a diverse business environment of global scale with local and multinational companies; this, added to its highly qualified human resource base, has caused the region to become a potential for world class organizations to develop their R&D centers. For example Bayer has their Agricultural Research Center located in Tupia, where the focus is on improving food production and quality of life in general.

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Located in Valle del Cauca, there are also world class research centers such as the International Center for Tropical Agriculture CIAT (by its acronym in Spanish), one of the most important agricultural research centers in Colombia and around the world. Furthermore, there is the Sugar Cane Research Center of Colombia, The Scientific Research Consortia, Biopacifico Park, and The Agro industrial, Scientific and Technological Pacific Park for the advancement of research, innovation and technological development centers; these bring along an important added value to the business network in the region thus improving its competitiveness.

Some of the R&D+i centers of the region
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