What do investors and business people say about Valle del Cauca and Invest Pacific?


“The region is very connected with the rest of the Country, there are very good access roads and climate conditions for the industry”.
Mauricio Trujillo, Nestlé Colombia (Bugalagrande)

“The City’s potential is very good and I believe the moment Colombia is going through in terms of foreign investment is also good, and probably it will start seeing the benefit of the already signed FTA’s; I believe all of that will trigger the trading that will move through Cali”.
Luis Barrios, City Hotels C.E.O.

“According to our stockholders’ concept, the region’s man power is one of the best when compared to that of other countries where they also have operation”.
Bernardo Guzmán Reyes, Smurfit Kappa Cartón de Colombia (Yumbo)

“We are in a free trade zone, which proximity to the Port is strategic for market penetration”.
Francisco Amthauer Rojas, Winpack Colombia (Palmira)

“Our work totally depends on voice and data telecommunication technologies; here we have found a location that fully guarantees its functionality, without failure in the service, hence no extra costs; which would otherwise be unthinkable for any company”.
Olga Sánchez, Telemark Spain (Cali)

"Valle del Cauca has many positive aspects to it that explain our presence here, all of which are related to its location: being so close to the port –it is near the Pacific; Furukawa has many sites by the Atlantic; thus, settling in Valle means to be in a geostrategic region.  It is a place where we can see development, good universities and talent.  People in Valle del Cauca are warm and open to welcome foreigners.  We are a multinational company from Japan with global presence, and we can say we feel at home here in Valle del Cauca”.
Foad Shaikhzadeh, C.E.O. for Furukawa – Latin America 

“Cali has the advantage of not being so big that it is difficult to operate and difficult to export out of; so it has the proximity to the port, obviously make it easy for us beacuse we do: we produce a large amount here in Cali we still obviously import into Colombia some products but we obviously export a fair amount of what we produce here in Cali. So, proximity to the port is very important for us because it's not just what we manufacture here for Colombia that's important, it's also a big source of export and import that's important.The facillity here in Cali exports to obviously Ecuador, Peru, a small amount of product to Bolivia, and I believe we even export some products up into central america and acrosss actually also to Venezuela. So, the importance of the infraestructure support here in Cali, the proximity to the port, make the facility extremely competitive from a costing point and it is the reason why we mantained it over the years, not only maintained it but we continue to invest in the Cali facilities beacuse is and will remain for the future a strategic sourcing site for us within Latin America”.
Justin Skala, Latin America VIP, Colgate Palmolive

“People’s quality and training. Valle del Cauca universities have trained professionals in engineering, management, and economy, which is key for the regions development growth”.
José Alberto Vélez, C.E.O. ARGOS Cements


“We are building a plant that will attend not only the local market but also the andean countries. Therefore, Valle del Cauca is the strategic location for the development of this kind business”.
Carlos Becerra, General Manager, Aptar Cali and Andean Region.


“Valle del Cauca is known for having service oriented people, helpful, friendly, warm to the local and the foreign, and that really touched us!”.
Fabián Saavedra, General Director DirecTV.

“We have been here for more than 60 years, and Valle del Cauca saw the birth of one of our portfolio’s most important brands”.
Fernando Acosta, C.E.O. UNILEVER Andean Region.

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