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We are the Investment Promotion Agency in Valle del Cauca, a non-profit organization, created by the public and private sectors of the region (Valle del Cauca Department, City Hall of Cali, Chambers of Commerce, Free Trade Zones, and more than 80 private companies) with the purpose of promoting the department to attract national and foreign investment.

We are committed to assist investors who are interested in our region under strict confidentiality and free of charge, enabling the investment process by arranging schedules, information and connection with potential partners, allies and local providers, support entities and the public sector in general. 

We support the previously settled investor throughout investment processes and re-investment decisions.  Additionally, there is a direct work with such companies to attract new re-investment projects from their parent companies. 

Our Services


  • Provide sectorial and general information.
  • Prepare and support schedules and meetings.
  • Coordinate meetings with the public and private sectors.
  • Identify potential partners and supporting entities.


  • Provide basic consultancy for the creation of companies.
  • Assist during procedures and regulations.
  • Provide support during staff selection.
  • Transfer Information.
  • Contact local companies and providers.
  • Provide assistance about immigration procedures.


  • Provide regional financial information.
  • Support operation expansion.
  • Update companies about new standards and regulations.
  • Become a bridge to the public sector.
  • Provide leverage in problem solving for the company’s investment and operation. 

Address: Calle 3 No. 9 - 08 Cali, Colombia
Phone: +57 (2) 893 7882
Email: info@investpacific.org

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Landline: +57 (2) 8937882.
Address: Calle 3 No. 9 - 08 Cali, Colombia

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